Shamrock Linden Tree Tilia cordata ‘Baileyi’

The Shamrock Linden, Tilia cordata ‘Baileyi’, is a vigorous grower that has a broad conical form. The open branching creates a less dense shade. It displays fragrant yellow flowers in summer. The shiny dark green foliage develops a yellowish-green fall color. It requires full sun to light shade and prefers moist, deep, fertile, well drained soils. This Linden is tolerant of difficult growing sites and soils, is urban and pollution tolerant. It attracts bees when in bloom. It is best used for farmstead windbreaks, and park trees in open landscape areas because of its large size and spreading root system.

Tilia cordata 'Baileyi' Shamrock Linden Tree Plant

Plant features: Tree Shamrock- Linden

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