Russian Cypress Shrub Microbiota decussata

Russian Cypress, Microbiota decussata, is an extremely hardy, low growing evergreen that resembles the horizontal type junipers, but has the bright green soft foliage like an arborvitae. The foliage develops a showy bronze color in the winter. It matures at about 1foot tall by 6 feet wide, although it can get taller and much wider. It has a radiating mat growth habit and a rather slow growth rate. Russian Cypress likes full sun to partial shade, and its best performance occurs in partial sun in moist, well-drained soils. It is very adaptable to poor, dry, thin soils in sun and wind exposed sites. It can be used as a woody groundcover for foundations, wall plantings where it can cascade, group or mass plantings, raised planters, and embankments.

Microbiota decussata Russian Cypress Shrub Plant

Plant features: Shrub Russian Cypress

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