Potentilla Dakota Sunspot Shrub Potentilla fruticosa ‘Fargo’

Dakota Sunspot Potentilla, Potentilla fruticosa ‘Fargo’, is an attractive shrub that has showy, deep golden 1″ flowers produced abundantly all summer long. This low maintenance dwarf plant has bright green summer foliage and forms a compact rounded shape at maturity. This is a compact shrub that will mature at 2 to 3 feet tall with a spread of 2 to 3 feet. Dakota Sunspot is a deciduous shrub that does best in full sun and will flower all summer if trimmed in late June or July, along with fertilizer and water. You can plant it with the assurance that it will live. It requires little, if no care once established. It is compact and free flowering. It can be used as a foundation plant, in the perennial border, in mass planting, as a low hedge and even as a specimen.

Potentilla fruticosa 'Fargo' Potentilla Dakota Sunspot Shrub Plant

Plant features: Shrub Potentilla – Dakota Sunspot-

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