Lilac Royalty Shrub Syringa x josiflexa ‘Royalty’

The Royalty Lilac, Syringa x josiflexa ‘Royalty’, has deep green, handsome foliage that is leathery with purplish undertones. This foliage is somewhat coarse. Dark purple buds open to a lilac color about 2 to 3 weeks after common lilacs. ‘Royalty’ Lilac is prized for its showy clusters of large, fragrant purple blooms in late summer, as well as its disease resistance. After most other lilacs are done for the year, ‘Royalty’ is going strong. Its long lasting blooms are perfect for fresh cut arrangements. Excellent for use as hedge, background or specimen. It is a beautiful non-suckering shrub.

Syringa x josiflexa 'Royalty' Lilac Royalty Shrub Plant

Plant features: Shrub Lilac – Royalty

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