Juniper Kallays Compact Shrub J. chinensis ‘Kallays Compact’

The Kallays Compact Juniper, J. chinensis ‘Kallays Compact’, is a dwarf, shrubby, pfitzer-type juniper that typically grows to only 3G tall but spreads to 6G wide with horizontally-spreading branching that forms a somewhat flat top. Foliage is attractive year round and fragrant when crushed. ‘Kallays’ is easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. It is tolerant of a wide variety of soils including clay, wet soils, and some drought once established. Also tolerant of many city air pollutants. Use in rock gardens, foundations and as a low hedge.

J. chinensis 'Kallays Compact' Juniper Kallays Compact Shrub Plant

Plant features: Shrub Juniper – Kallays Compact

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