Dracaena Indivisa Spikes Annual Dracaena ‘Indivisa Spikes’

Dracaena Indivisa Spikes, Dracaena Indivisa ‘Spikes’, can add intrigue to your garden or container. Spikes are a foliage plant that provides height and contrast. This unique and very hardy plant can be grown at any light level. Dracaena Spikes fairly drought tolerant too! Plant in any well drained soil. Feed bi-weekly if planted in a container with other plants. If your Dracaena spikes is in its own pot, feed it monthly with a balanced plant food while actively growing. At the end of the growing season “Spikes” can be moved indoors for the winter. After many years of moving the plant in for the winter (out for the summer) it is possible to grow a large specimen tree. This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11. In zones 3-8 it is an annual only.

Dracaena 'Indivisa Spikes' Dracaena Indivisa Spikes Annual Plant

Plant features: Annual Dracaena – Indivisa Spikes

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