Daffodil Jonquilla Suzy Fall Bulb Narcissi jonquilla ‘Suzy’

The Daffodil ‘Suzy’, ‘Narcissi jonquilla’, a fall planted bulb, have 1 to 5 flowers per stem. Most of these cultivars are fragrant and they make splendid displays along walks as well as edgings for beds. The blossoms last up to 4 weeks and appear in mid spring. They are great for mass plantings, containers, and borders.Suzy bulbs, once planted, can remain in the ground for many years. They will multiply and produce the most abundant flowering results in the 2nd and 3rd year. If necessary, very large clumps of bulbs can be lifted as soon as the leaves wither, and then they can be divided and replanted as soon as possible. After flowering, let the leaves yellow before cutting them back. The plants are deer, rabbit, and squirrel resistant.

Narcissi jonquilla 'Suzy' Daffodil Jonquilla Suzy Fall Bulb Plant

Plant features: Fall Bulb Daffodil – Jonquilla – Suzy

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