Autumn Blaze Ash Tree Fraxinus americana ‘Autumn Blaze’

The Autumn Blaze Ash, Fraxinus americana ‘Autumn Blaze’, is a COPF introduction by Morden Research Station in Manitoba, Canada. This is the first white ash adapted for the prairie region of Canada and the Dakotas. It has a nice purple fall color, a light seed crop, and good oval form. The original tree is in Roseau, MN. This ash is rarely or never fed on by Japanese beetles. Autumn Blaze is a tall, deciduous tree. As a young tree, it tends to be upright oval in habit, later it develops an open and rounded crown. It is a medium fast growing tree that has ash-gray bark with diamond shaped furrows. The foliage is dark green above, paler on leaf underside. The fruit is not especially ornamental. Autumn Blaze thrives in full sun, on moist well drained soil and needs to be pruned in the fall. When healthy and vigorous, this makes a beautiful specimen tree.

Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Blaze' Autumn Blaze Ash Tree Plant

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